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1 Q : Do both Jingting and Gubei centers use the same ma
A :

Yes, we have a same system for the kids to choose, based on their convenience.

2 Q : How do you decide each student's level?
A :

We use a computer based test to assign the test taker's reading and listening levels.

3 Q : How should students read books at home?
A :

We encourage attentive reading to all students.  Lower grade students are strongly encouraged to read each book 3 times, to help develop strong reading skills quickly. 

4 Q : How much homework there ?
A :

Every student is supposed to borrow the 2 books a week.  There is also some assigned homework, such as book reports, and a vocabulary quiz book. 

5 Q : Why should students attend ReadingStar? Are there
A :

     Our well developed teaching method is quite different from other companies.

     While some companies focus only on st

6 Q : What is the teaching procedure?
A : The teaching procedure is unique to each student.  Although the lessons are standardized for every level, teachers will continuously evaluate students' abilities and needs.  They will then use their evaluations to provide specific teaching techniques to each individual student, which ultimately equips each student with the optimal learning experience.
7 Q : What kind of teachers are there? Where are they fr
A :

Our teachers are both male and female, and come from North America and U.K.  Each instructor is a certified English Teacher, and also possess a university degree.  There is a strict application procedure in which each instructor must undergo, in order to ensure the stability and quality of our teaching staff.  Once the

8 Q : How many levels are there?
A : There is a diverse range of levels, spanning from kindergarten level to grade 12.
9 Q : What subjects are taught? How many students are th
A :

We teach reading, writing, and speaking. There is a maximum of 5 students (6 for a speaking class) for each class.

10 Q : How do students register for Reading Star?
A : The students need to take a level test before the registration.  They will then be placed into the proper class(es) based on the test results.