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  • What is Reading Star?

    Every child has the capacity to succeed in school and in life. Yet far too many children fail to meet their full potential. Our purpose is to maximize your child’s abilities, from developing English fluency to achieving academic and personal milestones. We have faith that children will gain the confidence to succeed when they are paired with the right teachers and teaching materials. ReadingStar will provide the best educational resources for students who want to improve their English skills.

  • Reading Star:

    1. Provides a complete English Immersion Program, with a focus on Reading & Writing programs.
    2. Starts with reading. Students read leveled books & RS will check if they read correctly and develop their critical thinking through book     reports and presentations.
    3. Reading Star helps students to develop vocabulary skills through contextual reading.
    4. Provides K through 12 program and teaches students by level.
    5. Creates well-rounded students by improving English Speaking, Listening and Writing
    6. Offers an immense library: Fiction, Non-fiction, News, Classics.